01.05.2020: "Are You Performing?"  out now

The Arsonists released their debut EP with five songs, showcasing their different styles reaching from Blues to Hard Rock.


26.03.2020: "Everytime" video premiere

To promote their new EP, the band worked on a music video in collaboration with Erik Dorrmann and Jessica Romero Walter.

12.03.2020: Acoustic Gig at "Di Bar"

For their first time, the band performed unplugged for the guests at a small venue. 

20.02.2020: Glockenbachwerkstatt

Playing a 30-minute set, The Arsonists warmed up the crowd for the headliner "The Free Radicals". 


04.01.2020: Emergenza Band Contest

The band finished the first round of the contest with the 2nd most votes in europe 

15.12.2019: Live at "Märchenbazar"

The two hours setlist and the intimate atmosphere at the location made this a night to remember.  


06.12.2019: Christmas at Johaniscafe

To celebrate christmas, the  owner of the Johaniscafe in Munich invited the band to spread some joy.

12.10.2019: Second recording session at Pixel Studios

The Arsonists were again invited  to perform their song "Up in the clouds", which was released on Soundcloud. 

26.09.2019: Import/ Export Singer & Songwriter session

The band performed three new songs from their reportoire and met their soon to be producer/ manager Erik Dorrmann.

04.07.2019: First gig at "The Eisinsel", Munich

For their three month anniversary the band played their first concert in Trudering, Munich

25.04.2019: Recording session at Pixel Studios

To support local musicians the city of Munich innitiated a program where eight bands were picked to record one of their songs.